Alternative Orthodontics for Children and Adults

Krissy Connor DDS
Krissy Connor DDS

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Alternative Orthodontics for Children and Adults

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Children Suffer from Undiagnosed Airway Issues

When a child has an underdeveloped upper and/or lower jaw, the airway could be impacted, and the child may struggle with other health issues during their lifetime. Dr. Connor treats children who struggle to breathe when they sleep by using a system of orthodontic appliances and therapies. These treatments may help the upper and lower jaws to develop and reshape the oral cavity fully. As these areas develop more fully, the child’s airway may widen and expand, allowing the child to breathe better, and some of these symptoms may disappear. When children can breathe properly, they can begin to grow, learn, and blossom into their full potential. 

Traditional Braces May Not Be the Answer

Not only will Dr. Connor's treatment protocol for your child eliminate many of the conditions above, it may also eliminate the need for your child to have to endure the pain and embarrassment of braces. Studies have shown using Dr. Connor's treatment, and widening a child’s airway also increases the growth of the upper and lower jaw. This gives more room for your child’s teeth to grow in properly, not only will your child have a healthier life but they may not have to suffer through traditional braces or needless tooth extractions to make room in an already crowded mouth. 


Adults Considering Braces Should Call Dr. Connor First

This same principle applies to adults who suffer from TMJ/TMD, snoring, or sleep apnea. Dr. Conner’s non-invasive treatment of expanding the airway is due to jaw expansion of the upper and lower palates. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, Dr. Connor will devise a treatment plan that will not only treat the root cause of your issues but as part of the course of treatment, you can end up with a “movie star” smile. Dr. Connor uses the latest clear aligner technology that gently puts your teeth into the perfect position so that you will have a lifetime of perfect smiles.

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